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Avoiding Online G.E.D. Scams

Posted by Christopher Coen on March 30, 2012

Thousands of people are reporting having been scammed by online G.E.D. tests (the real test cannot be taken online). People are paying hundreds of dollars for online tests that result in fake diplomas not likely to be recognized by employers or colleges. An article at Valley News Live explains:

The folks who run the G.E.D. tests for students who didn’t graduate from high school have a strong warning about on-line scams, targeting the hundreds of thousands of people.

Denise Richardson was one of the victims.  She knew that going back to high school or taking the GED would take more time than she had.  So she went on-line and found what looked like the perfect solution.

For a few hundred dollars, she could take what she thought was the G.E.D. test on-line, and if she passed, get her diploma…

…After $500 and a 5-hour test, she got her diploma.  But when she then tried to enroll in a local technical college, they were suspicious.  Turns out, the test and diploma were fake.

The real GED testing service says thousands of people have also reported getting taken the same way.

“If you’re not coming in person to one of our official testing centers, it’s not the real GED test,” said GED Testing Service president and CEO Randy Trask.  “And it’s not likely to be recognized by employers or colleges.”…

…Experts say the lesson we can all take away is to always go to the real G.E.D. testing website for information about how to take the real G.E.D. in your state. Read more here

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