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Media organizations

  • To understand the contractual requirements and minimum standards that the State Department’s PRM Bureau supposedly imposes on the refugee resettlement organizations (although commonly fails to enforce), please look at documents #1, #2, #3, and #4 below and in our LINKS section at the bottom left column of our main page. These documents are generic/template documents used by the State Department’s PRM when contracting out refugee resettlement services to the private refugee resettlement agencies via the agency’s national Volag (Voluntary Agency).  The ten national Volags are also commonly called “resettlement agencies”, but you should refer to them as Volags and give their names. Sometimes local refugee resettlement agencies are affiliated with two or three national Volags. You may also FOIA the actual yearly contract documents that your local refugee resettlement agency’s national Volag(s) signed with the State Dept’s PRM).

– 1. Basic Terms of the Cooperative Agreement

– 2. General Conditions for Grants and Cooperative Agreements Awarded for Activities Performed Domestic

– 3. Guidelines for Participants, R&P program

– 4. Operational Guidance to Resettlement Agencies — lists minimum standards (minimum requirements) of refugee resettlement agencies for material items and services for refugee clients.

4 Responses to “Media organizations”

  1. Krista Jones said

    Could you please recheck these links, The US State Dept. is not linking them.

  2. Cyndi Lundeberg said

    I am trying to reach someone from your organization regarding a story on Syrian refugees. I was hoping you could point me in the right direction.

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