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Israel to imprison 15,000 Sudanese refugees on Oct 15

Posted by Christopher Coen on October 6, 2012

Israel intends to go ahead with the plan to jail 60,000 Africans seeking asylum in internment camps in the Negev desert. The government will start with imprisoning 15,000 Sudanese refugees on October 15. Jewish human rights advocates are organizing to condemn the actions.Read a call to action at

Eli Yishai, Israel’s Interior Minister, said about the 60,000 Africans seeking asylum in Israel that ”Until I have the option of expelling them, I will imprison them and make their lives miserable.”

Expulsion isn’t a viable option for the international condemnation that would erupt if Israel sent thousands of people back to war-torn regions. Instead and to appease racist incitement, Netanyahu’s government passed a law that allows for illegal entrants into the country to be jailed for three years without a trial. And on October 15, MK Yishai intends to start first with 15,000 asylum seekers from Sudan… Read more here

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