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Refugees in Rochester, NY targets of persistent crime

Posted by Christopher Coen on September 26, 2012

Perpetrators have been targeting Burmese refugees in Rochester, NY. The crimes involve muggings and robberies. The crimes are rarely reported due to the refugees’ mistrust of police. A Sudanese refugee was shot to death last may. WUHF-Fox has an article and video report:

Tonight, we bring you the story of a local group of refugees and their struggle to make a home in Rochester.

News 8 has learned members of the Burmese community who’ve settled on Rochester’s Northwest side have been the targets of persistent crime.

We’re talking about crimes like muggings and robberies, most of which go unreported…

An estimated 800 Burmese refugees live in Rochester many near Lake and Dewey Avenues…

It’s a common problem according to Khadin Lee.

As the Refugee Outreach Worker at Lake Avenue Baptist Church, she works closely with many refugees, and has seen the trend increase over the last year.

Lee believes the Burmese are targeted.

“You can see them as different. Our people, they’ve only been here for a short time so you can see them in their traditional costume.”

Virtually no effort has been made to search for, or question these suspects.

That’s because these crimes hardly ever get reported.

In fact, the Rochester Police Department tells me the last crime like this on record, was over a year ago.

Its not surprising to Lee. She added “Those are the people that are corrupted back home, so when they see people in uniform they dont trust them.”

She is working with the community to increase trust in the police, and teach them how to use 911 to get immediate help… Read more here 

2 Responses to “Refugees in Rochester, NY targets of persistent crime”

  1. cory82 said

    There shouldn’t be any city or town in which arrangements are not made for the police to have a meeting with the local refugees because we already know that refugees do not trust police. This is due bad experiences in the countries they have come from. Why are resettlement locations not dealing with this issue proactively?

  2. I think most places are , but some aren’t. An example is Aurora, Colorado:

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