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Refugee resettlement in Erie increases by nearly 800 percent

Posted by Christopher Coen on September 2, 2012

Over the past nine years refugee resettlement has increased 800 percent in Erie, Penn. An article at Erie Times-News gives the numbers:

About 3,527 refugees have arrived in Erie since 2003, said Charlotte Fry, refugee program adviser at the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, in an e-mail. The yearly influx of refugees into Erie has increased by nearly 800 percent since 2003, according to Pennsylvania Refugee Resettlement Program data…

Erie, with its low cost of living and easily navigable downtown, proves an ideal destination for refugees, said Paul Jericho, director of refugee services of the Multicultural Community Resource Center.

The city is home to two refugee resettlement agencies, Catholic Charities and the International Institute of Erie, and numerous nonprofit organizations that provide additional support...Read more here

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