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Holocaust Survivors Protest Israel’s Mistreatment Of African Refugees

Posted by Christopher Coen on July 30, 2012

Hundreds of Holocaust survivors and their families marched on Saturday night in Tel Aviv to protest Israel’s mistreatment of African refugees. An article at Ynet explains:

Hundreds of Holocaust survivors and their families held a protest march on Saturday evening in Tel Aviv to protest Israel’s policy on migrant deportation.

In an effort to join the struggle against the deportation of migrants from Israel, Holocaust survivors marched across Tel Aviv, demonstrating against the arrest and expulsion of asylum seekers.

The protest is the initiative of Atta Buchman, 65, the daughter of Holocaust survivors, and Oren Rimon, a 15-year-old volunteer at a migrants’ children kindergarten. The connection between the two was formed when, as part of a school project, Rimon visited the retirement home where Buchman is staying…

Buchman, who left Lithuania to make aliyah 20 years ago, has been under the care of Eritrean migrants at her retirement home ever since she underwent a stroke.

“They are the best caregivers we have,” she said. “They have patience and a constant smile on their faces,” she said. Buchman shared her anger at the treatment of refugees in Israel. “She said that as a daughter of Holocaust survivors she is ashamed of the way refugees are being treated in Israel,” Rimon said.

In an attempt to clarify the idea behind the protest, Rimon said that “we’re not comparing Israel’s treatment of migrants to the Holocaust, but we’re simply saying that a State which was founded by migrants should not treat other migrants this way.”

Shimon Segali, an 80-year-old Holocaust survivor from Hungary, who attended the protest said: “Last winter I saw on television dozens of African migrants huddled together in Levinsky Park. The sight was horrible and I decided to help them by giving the migrants food and blanketsRead more here

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