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Holding friend’s child, Sudanese refugee shot to death in Rochester NY street

Posted by Christopher Coen on May 17, 2012

A South Sudanese refugee who arrived in Rochester, NY at age 14 as an unaccompanied minor was murdered on Tuesday. Paul Chol Awuol was holding a friend’s son when a man just came up and shot him in the chest, according to the friend, Jessica Lane. He was in the process of becoming a certified nursing assistant, focused on helping others, when he went to Smith Street Tuesday to watch Lane’s child. In 2010 Sudanese refugees in Rochester reported finding a bullet hole in their apartment ceiling after three men were shot to death in the apartment above. A report at CBS Channel 8 gives details:

As Rochester police search for a suspect in Tuesday’s Smith Street homicide, friends of Paul Chol Awuol say the Sudanese refugee was shot in the chest while watching a close friend’s son.

Jerry DeLuccio wants people to remember Awuol as more than a crime statistic. “This was a young man that has made such a difference,” he said…

…Awuol was in the process of becoming a certified nursing assistant, focused more and more on helping others.  That’s what led him to Smith Street Tuesday, to watch a friend’s child.  “He was holding my son in his hand when this man came and just shot him in the chest,” said friend Jessica Lane through tears.

A small memorial has begun where the Sudanese refugee fell, the painful irony all too clear.  The man who came to America as a boy to escape violence was ultimately killed by a gunman.  “That’s what hurts me so much, is that he was ready to explode, in terms of how he would help others and we’re never going to have that chance,” said DeLuccio… Read more here

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