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Telephone Scam Tactics Update

Posted by Christopher Coen on March 6, 2012

The ORR sent out another update today on the current telephone scam targeting refugees:

UPDATE – March 6, 2012: New Developments in Telephone Scam Tactics

Our partners at World Relief have reported today that the perpetrators of a nationwide telephone scam targeting refugees have changed their approach to obtain money and personal information. An Iraqi refugee in Washington State was contacted from a blocked number on Sunday evening, and asked to verify personal information including his refugee case number, home address, and benefits account number. The caller identified himself as a World Relief employee, from their (non-existent) Montana office. 

Everyone is advised to be extra-vigilant with unsolicited calls, especially those requesting personal information. If you are the target of one of these calls, you should file an online report at

ORR will continue to update this page as necessary. Please help to spread the word throughout the refugee community and service providers network. Thank you.

For more details, please visit this ORR link.

One Response to “Telephone Scam Tactics Update”

  1. That scam is designed to get financial information from the victims and use it for the scammer’s personal gains. If I get a call like that, or any suspicious call, I’d report the phone number to right away to raise a warning.

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