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Lewiston Mayor-elect Demagogued Somali Refugees, Claims He Was “Tired and Overly Emotional”

Posted by Christopher Coen on December 16, 2011

Lewiston, Maine Mayor-elect Bob Macdonald ended the election campaign with comments on election night that included a claim that he wanted to make changes so that the city is less attractive to layabouts and deadbeats, many of whom didn’t speak English. Lewiston has been a secondary migration site for Somali refugees for ten years. After this demagogic treatment of the immigrants MacDonald then said that people need to “work together, instead of sniping”. He said that he had been “tired and overly emotional”, but not to worry because now, “This is Bob Macdonald, happy face.” An article in the Bangor Daily News has the story:

LEWISTON, Maine — Mayor-elect Bob Macdonald apologized to the city Thursday for his election-night comments — but his apology wasn’t enough for some members of the city’s immigrant community.

Abdifatah Ahmed, a local landlord and pharmacist, said Macdonald ought to apologize for his tone throughout the mayoral campaign, not just his election-night comments.

During his campaign, Macdonald said he wanted to make the city less attractive to layabouts and deadbeats, many of whom didn’t speak English…

…Somali immigrants, refugees from the civil war in Somalia, began arriving in Lewiston 10 years ago.

Macdonald called Thursday’s news conference to announce a surprise for his opponents after he was elected mayor on Tuesday…

…[He made] a full apology for his election-night comments. Macdonald said he had spent the entire day Tuesday at the polls and was tired and overly emotional.

This is Bob Macdonald, happy face,” he said Thursday. “And from now on, until I end my time in office, it will be Bob Macdonald, happy face, the face of Lewiston.”…

…“Let’s work together, instead of sniping,” he said. “That doesn’t do any good. We can go back and forth, but that doesn’t help the people of Lewiston.”… Read more here

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