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Burma Center for refugees opens in Battle Creek

Posted by Christopher Coen on November 17, 2011

Some immigrants from Burma/Myanmar opened The Burma Center, a community center, last month in a central location in Battle Creek, Michigan. It serves as a place for reading/interpreting mail, learning English, congregating with friends, and has a playgroup for children. The federal government has resettled about 1,100 refugees from Burma/Myanmar in the Battle Creek area so far. An article in Battle Creek Inquirer gives more details:

For a growing population of Burmese people leaving their homeland to make their roots in Battle Creek, there’s now a central location for help with things Americans take for granted – reading mail, learning English and congregating with friends.

The Burma Center: Burmese American Initiative is a new community center for people of Burmese descent, who have left their country and moved to the Cereal City…

…About 1,100 Burmese people now live in the Battle Creek area.

Martha Thawnghmung, the center’s director, said she’s been looking forward to the opening of the center for many years. She’s part of one of the first families to move from Burma to Battle Creek, she said…

…The center, at 4317 W. Dickman Road in Springfield, opened in October…

…So far, on a weekly basis English as a Second Language classes and a playgroup are being held there… Read more here

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